Of Truth

If path paved with incredible inkling,

Would line straight to innocence abandoned,

With giants encircling, wretched and sinking,

Of hands that curl in anger, and men pandered

To every whim; they create fallacy,

They construct and walk a tautology,

Simple, and construed; commanded by you.


The darkness lifted the veil of the heavens, I paraded my sadness around prudence. A soft sigh alights the gentle orange sky, lifted above, the madness.

Sour winds blew mightily from the west, I dipped and dodged my dogged sadness, like a knight atop a steed, held behind my own silver crest.

A shore above the heavens holds and berates the sins of men and mortals transfixed into the medleys mix of sons and sinners.

It is but a mortal man who curtails the will of the beast, averse to attrition. I curbed a simple ambition in favour of a sure thing, ceased.

Stars, by any other name.

By life imbued. intrinsic to you, a fine essence ensued your aura.From a glazed, glittering sky grew, a star minted our names on the aurora.

Ridden as a phoenix across the slew, of dead stars and the borealis. From a dead galaxy came our love, itself heated from the behemoth sun. Inside such a giant was a treasure trove , of explosive green, yellow and blue stunned.

A cluster of dead stars made their way forth, forging ahead ,energy submitted, but never truly gone.

From galaxy given and taken , life birthed and extinguished, Comes our own brand of forsaken souls, staked to the smatterings of the black backdrop.


Satisne sanus es?

She held down her simmering softness, encapsulated by a boiling brashness. Shards of experiences past shafted, by ideas of her future crafted.

She and I held together with a love that simmered and boiled over, but decimated by a gentle shove, I didn’t weep for I was torn asunder.

Had I fallen, it would be with a crashing sound and a clatter, that would deafen the most apathetic crowd, my heart was still bound but my eyes yet round, I placed my heart within the shroud.

She placed her hands upon mine, I awaited the gleaming glint in her eye, to tell me, but she then stated, quickly slated my dreams , locked away with the key.

The key, formed with a crude brass that held wonders unknown by men, against my cold December skin, I took it up once more and placed it once again in my heart beating….Satisne sanus es?

An Ode To The Ethereal

From today, another day, sun outshone the glass on the ground.

Sun warm as a sweet day in May, I listen for the familiar sound.

I walk across with with purpose in boot, myself slid into warmth and hope, the sound of lace tied up my foot.

The soot blackens hearts and even gentle minds, but alas the frost alights, beauty in all kinds, minds fragile bearing years of such blights.

To never understand what truly lies before me, as I am never there. I sit as as spectre misaligned, comprehending what could have been.

Mistaken once more, folded by mine own hand. It’s elusive and unmentioned, yet it delves into the mental crevice like shards of sand.

Grinding it’s glassy self against my psyche, your eyes blink in a sweet unison, every word uttered tramples and crumples upon mine.

What fortune finds fortuitous doesn’t find mine, what a beating heart enclosed by space and time….

From now until immemorial.